Jan 27 2017 - Letter Home - Rewarding Outstanding Attendance

27th January 2017

Dear Parents,

Re: Rewarding Outstanding Attendance: Roller Disco for students in Years 7 to 10

We are keen to promote positive attendance and punctuality and this remains a high priority. It is essential for all pupils to attend school on time and regularly and avoid any absence and the key phrase is "Every Second Counts ' and 'Every Day Counts".  Any loss of time at school can adversely affect a child's attainment and all pupils benefit from regular school attendance.

Last week we launched an attendance campaign to all pupils in assemblies. All pupils that achieve 100% attendance between week commencing 23rd January and Friday 17th March will be able to attend a Roller Disco at a local venue out of school as a reward.

I will write to you prior to the event to confirm if your child has been successful. However, in the meantime, if you have any queries or concerns about your child's attendance, please do not hesitate to contact your child's Head of Year or Miss Vickers, our Attendance Officer.

The following key messages were also shared with your child during the assembly.

  • Outstanding attendance for an entire academic year is set by Redhill Trust at 97% and above. This is less than 6 days absence in a year.

  • Whenever possible book any medical appointments out of school hours. Medical appointments in school time will affect your child's attendance.


  • Holidays during term time will not be authorised (unless there are exceptional circumstances) Holidays during term time are not advocated/authorised and if parents choose to do this they must inform the Headteacher in writing. Each request form is considered independently, taking into consideration any 'exceptional/compassionate' reasons. The Department for Education stated in a letter to all schools in June 2016: ".as set out in the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 amended in 2013 - that Headteachers continue to have the power to authorise leave of absence, but only in exceptional circumstances. While family holidays are enriching experiences, the school year is designed to give families the opportunity for these breaks without having to disrupt their children's education. It is for schools to consider the specific details and relevant context behind each request. Schools know their pupils best and are well placed to make those judgements."
  • Persistent absenteeism is 10% or more absence from school. In other words, attendance is below 90%. This may result in a referral to the Educational Welfare Service.


  • Figures show that 90% of persistent non-attenders around the UK fail to achieve 5 or more good GCSE grades and around one third achieve no GCSE's at all. Employers want to recruit people who are reliable and have attended school regularly.

As a parent partner of the Academy, I would be grateful if you could share these key messages with your child and encourage them to be in school every day.

Yours sincerely,


L Morgan

Deputy Headteacher

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