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Forensic Science Day October 2015

On Tuesday 13th - Thursday 15th October 2015, Year 5 pupils from Rise Park, Robin Hood, Henry Whipple, Westglade and Stansted Primary schools visited Top Valley Academy for an action packed forensic science day.

The event allowed pupils to use the techniques used by the police in obtaining evidence to solve crimes. They did chromatography on a handkerchief found at the crime scene.  They also tested the pH (how acidic or alkaline something is) of the soil found on the suspect's sock.   The results of the scientific analysis were crucial in providing evidence which resulted in the suspect being found guilty of the murder. To stop contamination of the crime scene, pupils had to wear full CSI protective clothing throughout, quite an experience! 

 Forensic Science Day 2015

Forensic Science Day

Year 3 Indoor Athletcis Competition - October 2015

Today pupils from local primary schools all came to Top Valley Academy for the annual Year 3 Indoor Athletics  competition.
They took part in a number of events such as: hurdles, the obstacle race, sprints races and relay races as well as field events such as the standing long jump, speed bounce and javelin
Thank you to all those who took part. We look forward to welcoming teams again next year.
The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond - Year Five Forensic Science Week

Year 5 pupils from local primary schools have been visiting the Academy this week to solve the murder mystery of Charlotte Dymond. They have worked super hard to investigate the crime with both their teachers and Top valley staff to prepare the facts and evidence for a courtroom scenario. This determined whether or not the suspect, Matthew Weeks, was guilty!

Miss Walden, the TVA Teacher who organises primary events said:

'What a brilliant week! It is great to have Year 5 up at the Academy again working in the English, Maths and Science Departments. I love seeing the Year 5s don the costumes and take their roles seriously.'

In Science pupils carried out two experiments: simple chromatography and pH testing. This established whether Matthew Weeks can be linked with the evidence that the police have to place him at the scene of the crime.

Forensic Science Y5


 'I know how they take finger prints now!'  Karla - Robin Hood

 'I liked mixing up the chemicals, it was interesting.'   Cameron - Rise Park

'I feel like a scientist with my white coat and goggles on.'  Abigail - Rise Park

In English, pupils gathered the information from the poem and produced news reports with key witness statements and information about clues.

'It's been awesome being a reporter.'  Emre - Rise Park

'It's exciting and worrying at the same time because we don't know who has been killed!'  Katie - Robin Hood

In the Maths department, pupils worked with 'Chief Inspector Steel' in 3 teams of police officers to investigate information on:

a)      The victim - code breaking/problem solving

b)      The suspect - four operations of number

c)       The crime scene - using coordinates in four quadrants

Each group found information for the three categories, then reported back as investigating police officers to the courtroom.

'I loved being a detective; it has been great fun!'  Trae - Rise Park

'Interesting! The murder scene is so realistic!"  Dylan - Robin Hood

We look forward to welcoming year 5 again for the Culture week in January. Thank you to all the primary staff, pupils and TVA teachers who helped the week so run smoothly.

Primary World Cup 2014

9th June 2014

The sun was shining for this year's TVA Primary World Cup, where teams of Year 5 pupils from Rise Park, Westglade, Stanstead and Robin Hood battled it out for the 2014 title and World Cup trophy.

The teams were split into USA, Ghana, France, Spain, Australia, Brazil and Portugal and a lucky dip was drawn by Mr Smith and Miss Walden to determine who would be in Group A and Group B.

Escorted by chosen TVA Sports Leaders, they made their way to the sports field where the matches began at 9.50am.

There was lots of support from the side-lines from teachers and staff and many had made their own flags to cheer on their teammates.  

Both teams from Westglade and Rise Park sailed into the semi-final, where the teams from Westglade (France and Spain) were pipped to the post by the Rise Park's USA and Ghana.

In a Rise Park USA vs Ghana final, it was a nail biting finish when the game was taken to penalties after both teams failed to score before full-time.

After both goal-keepers prevented several goals from sneaking past them, it was a right-hand corner shot by David which saw USA and Rise Park crowned the winners of Top Valley Academy's Primary World Cup 2014.

USA Winners Rise Park


In the closing ceremony certificates and medals were awarded to the Rise Park Runner's Up, Ghana, and the winning team, USA. There was also awards chosen by the TVA Sports Leaders who presented a bag and water bottle to pupils they believed had shown great teamwork and lots of effort throughout their games.

Grace, 9, said: "I had so much fun, and I even scored a goal! All the teams were great and I can't wait to come to Top Valley and do more things like this!"

Thank you to all pupils from each primary school who took part in this year's event and congratulations to Rise Park who were awarded their very own Top Valley Academy World Cup Winners Trophy.


More photos of the event ca be found in our gallery here.

Transition at TVA

Over the Autumn and winter terms, members of staff from Top Valley Academy have been visiting several local primary schools to give pupils a taster session into some of the subjects the Academy has to offer.

There have also been return visits from several primary schools to the Academy to be part of both the lessons and Academy atmosphere.


Mr Scott visited Bulwell St Mary's where he worked with 30 Year 3 pupils. The pupils were taught techniques to improve writing from first-person perspective through a variety of learning strategies including drama, models, shared writing and writing frames.

The group read the short novel 'The Runner' and moulded their writing upon the theme of 'young runaways'.


Mr Hallgarth taught an engineering lesson to 30 Stanstead pupils who designed and produced their own wooden owl money box over four sessions.

The Year 5 pupils painted and decorated each shape carefully and were helped by Mr Hallgarth to piece together and secure their box.

Each pupil also designed their own Perspex name badge which was screwed onto the money boxes before the pupils took them home after their last session.

Eloise, 10 said:"I've loved making my own money box and being able to take it home to show my mum and dad what I have done at Top Valley Academy."

Transition Owl Money Boxes

 Rufford Primary  TVA Taster Day.

On Friday 24th January, Top Valley Academy warmly welcomed 26 Year 5 pupils from Rufford Primary School for a TVA taster day jam-packed full of lessons, school dinners and tours.

The day began at 9.30am, when pupils were introduced to Miss Walden and given their timetables for the day.

Their first Top Valley Academy experience came in the form of a PE lesson with Mr Mohammed. Pupils took part in several games which tested their co-ordination, speed and teamwork skills. They also took part in activities using non-verbal communication and relied solely upon hand gestures and signals to complete the task.

Second period was Drama, taught by Miss Iles, where pupils discussed their idea of best and worst school experiences. They also acted out a range of different emotions through still images and freeze-frames including excitement, fear and anger.

After a small break, they were gathered once again in Commando Joes to learn 'Romeo and Juliet' in English with Miss Glover.

The whole group split into small groups of three, who each acted out a small section of the play which was then pieced together in a final performance.

Olivia, 10, said: "We thought Shakespeare was boring, but now we see it's not! Miss Glover made it so much fun."

The penultimate period saw the pupils head up to the Science block where they tested metal samples in flames with Mr Ndumu.

Mr Ndumu showed the Year 5's how different metals can produce lots of different colours, the technique which is often used when making fireworks. They also learnt how to recognise hazard symbols and how to keep safe when taking part in experiments.

JJ, 10 said "We've never done Science before, it's so cool! I can't wait to do Science when I go to secondary school."

The final activity came courtesy of Commando Joes' who taught the pupils and their teachers an effective way to remember the alphabet backwards. This task tested not only their memory but was also a great exercise to get the pupils thinking.

Rufford Primary

Rufford Primary teacher, Miss Walker, said: "Commando Joe really tested mine and Mrs Froggatt's memories, we've all had a lovely day and the children have really enjoyed themselves."

As well as taking part in TVA lessons, Rufford pupils and their teachers were taken to sample a school dinner, and meet several members of staff, including Principal, Mr Brown, who said:

"We hope Rufford have had a lovely time at our school today and we look forward to seeing them again in the future."

 Top Valley Pirate Academy 16th January 2014

Although we may be experiencing some cold winter weather, today at Top Valley Academy, pupils from Henry Whipple and Westglade Primary were transported to the sunny Caribbean.

Year 5 and 6 pupils came together to attend a day at 'Top Valley Pirate Academy' as part of our Caribbean culture experience. Pupils were divided into three groups: pirate chefs, pirate actors, and pirate artists - each learning about life as a pirate in the 17th Century.

The pirate artists worked together to create a decorated pirate ship, parrot and pirate. Miss Voce taught the children lots of different art techniques and in pairs they decorated the final designs using pastels, wax crayons and paints. The theme was based upon some of the styles used in Caribbean carnivals and featured many different vibrant colours and patterns.  

Morgan, 10, said: "I liked learning lots different ways to make our parrot, pirate and ship look pretty, some of the shapes we already knew how to draw, but we also learned lots of new things I want to try at home."

The pirate chefs learnt the names of several different fruits in Spanish and were given the chance to create their very own 'pirate brew' using some of the ingredients they had learnt.

Pirate chef Tovimba, 10, said: "We've learnt Spanish with Senior Straw before but nothing like this, it was wicked!"


The pirate actors had to use puzzles and built jigsaws to uncover some vital information about pirate life. They also learnt about the many different weapons and torture methods pirates may have used to protect their treasure. With the gruesome information they had investigated, the group split into pairs to act out interviews. The groups took it in turn to get into pirate character and tell their partner all about their favourite pirate weapons and their favourite pirate food.

At the end of their sessions, all members of Top Valley Pirate Academy returned back to the Dance Theatre to present what they had learnt to the rest of the pirates.

Congratulations to Tovimba, Katie and Jenna who were awarded Top TVA Pirate Chef, Artist and Actor for their hard work throughout the morning.

We hope all our new pirate recruits enjoyed their time at our Pirate Academy and as a souvenir of their journey, each pupil received a certificate and chocolate coin to take home.

Science Club

 Science Club Primary 2014 - Website
Have fun with Science!

At Top Valley Academy we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities for TVA pupils and our local primary schools to take part in.

On Wednesday was a particularly special afterschool session for our 'Science Club' where pupils created a Santa sleigh race and learnt how to make their very own fake snow.

The Science Club, which is run by Mr Cross and Miss Dungay, gives pupils the chance to try out many different aspects of Science and take part in unique experiments outside of the classroom.

As well as our own year 7, 8 and 9 pupils, the afterschool club is also open to pupils from our local primary schools. The sessions alternate each week on Wednesdays after school, with one week for Years 5 and 6 and the following for Years 7, 8 and 9.

As well as taking part in the exciting experiments, those who attend from our local primary schools also get to sample Academy life and meet lots of new friends.

Sci Club 11th Dec 13

Previous sessions have seen pupils learning how to make fireworks and creating the best paper aeroplanes. The lessons, which are all practical, ensure pupils can try out experiments outside the curriculum whilst getting to grip with all the equipment. This also ensures that the Primary school pupils who attend have a good understanding of all the equipment when they start their secondary school journey.

"Each week we're doing something different and it's always interactive. They get a clear introduction to the equipment, make good friends and have lots of fun with Science;" said
Miss Dungay.

Top Valley Christmas Crackers Event

10th December 2013

As part of Top Valley Academy's Christmas festivities, we invited some very special guests to help decorate our school Christmas tree.

The Academy welcomed 180 Year 4 pupils from Rise Park, Robin Hood, Westglade, Henry Whipple and Standstead Primary Schools.

On arrival, the children were split into two groups 'Comet' and 'Blitzen' and used glitter, pipe-cleaners, glue and various other arts and crafts to create their very own personalised decorations.

Each child designed and made two decorations, the first was a Christmas tile to place on our TVA Christmas tree in the courtyard and the second was their own 3D Christmas tree to take home.

The groups were led by Art teachers Miss Voce and Miss Wright, who began by teaching the children lots of different decorative techniques to try out on their designs.

Katie, 8, from Henry Whipple, said she loved being able to make her own decorations:

"I like that we got to draw whatever we wanted and there were lots of different glitters and things to use."

Christmas Crackers


As well as making decorations, the children also brought with them a tin of food to place underneath the tree. All the tins we received will help to contribute towards large hampers of food we are delivering to local food banks this Christmas.

Drew, 9, from Rise Park said he really enjoyed his morning:

"It was really fun coming to another school and making decorations. Everywhere feels really Christmassy and we were all really excited."

We hope all that visited Top Valley Academy today had lots of fun and we are sure the decoration they made to take home with them will be taking pride of place on all their Christmas trees.

Additional Liaison

November 2013

At Top Valley Academy we believe it is important make the transition from primary to secondary as smooth as possible. As part of this process, several of our staff members have been visiting local primary schools to give the younger children an introduction to lessons we offer at The Academy.

This week Mr Hallgarth visited Henry Whipple Primary school to teach their year 4 class an engineering lesson. The children made and designed their own paper rockets, which were then taken outside and flown in
the atrium.

The children used colourful pieces of paper and felt-tips to design their rockets, whilst paying careful attention to the size of wings, tightly sealed edges, and points to create what they believed would be the  furthest flying rocket. Mr Hallgarth taught the children that in order for the rocket to fly the furthest they must ensure the end is tightly sealed to prevent any air escaping.

Brodie, 8, said she really enjoyed making her rocket: "It was awesome, we got to design it however we wanted and then we got to test them to see which was the best. I liked that Mr Hallgarth helped us make our rockets fly really far and it was a really fun lesson!"

A big congratulations to Precious whose streamlined and tightly sealed rocket managed to fly the furthest distance. We hope all the children who took part in the lesson enjoyed themselves and we look forward to  seeing what exciting things they will be making with Mr Hallgarth next week. 


Mr Hallgarth has received thank you letters for the pupils at Henry Whipple, here are a few of them:

Henry Whipple Thank You Letters (1)

Henry Whipple Thank You Letters (2)

Henry Whipple Thank You Letters (3)

Henry Whipple Thank You Letters (4)


October 2013

Year 5 police officers, scientists and detectives were invited in from Rise Park Academy to help solve a cold-blooded murder at Top Valley Academy.

The Academy was transformed into an evidence-filled crime scene in which each Year 5 had to help to gather evidence and present it to the court room.

The 55 Rise Park pupils that attended, were split into three groups on arrival, given exciting costumes and taken to analyse evidence based upon the poem "The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond" by Charles Causley.

Their aim was to each discover vital clues which could prove or disprove the suspect 'Matthew Weeks' as guilty of murder. The police officers, led by Chief Inspector Steel, used co-ordinates to track the placing of the suspect and solved sums to work-out key facts from the night of the murder.

Amelia, 10, said how much she'd enjoyed herself in her role:

"It was so much better than actual maths! I'm glad I chose to be part of the police, I've had so much fun."

Evidence was also studied in the science lab with Dr Bate, in which the Year 5 scientists analysed soil samples and dye from the handkerchief found on the victim. The group experimented with many different techniques, including ink indicators in test-tubes, to see whether the suspect had been lying about his whereabouts on the night of the murder.

Cameron, 10, said he was really excited to see what it's like to be a real scientist:

"I want to be a scientist when I'm older and we got to see what it would be like today!"

Year 5 Teacher, Miss Gethings, also agreed that the opportunity to take part in activities like the science experiments was something new and exciting for her pupils:

"They've never done anything science based like they have today so they've done really well and have really enjoyed themselves."

As well as analysing evidence in Maths and Science, in English with Miss Iles, there were dramatic role-play interviews. Once they had carefully worked out facts from the poem, the groups were split up into detectives and suspects and set about interrogating the suspect.

The groups met back in the courtroom where evidence from each subject was delivered.

The Police in Maths showed the courtroom the whereabouts of the victim, and delivered key facts and dates of when and how the murder unfolded.

The Scientists showed that the subject had been dishonest of his whereabouts when the soil sample found matched that of the place the victim's body was discovered.

The Detectives in English performed their interviews to the rest of the courtroom with some pupils playing the role of tough detectives and others taking the role of the suspect.

Based upon the evidence discovered by each group, it was a unanimous decision from the courtroom that Matthew Weeks should be found guilty of the murder of Charlotte Dymond.

A huge thank you to Rise Park's Year 5 pupils for helping us solve the crime at Top Valley Academy today.


Y3 Indoor Sports

October 2013

Top Valley Academy welcomed over 80 Year 3 pupils for an exciting indoor athletics event held in the Sports Hall this morning.

The pupils from Rise Park, Henry Whipple, Westglade and Robin Hood arrived at 10am and were split into several teams to take part in track and field events.

The events included obstacle relay races, as well as long and triple jumps, javelin and other fun athletics activities.

Taryn, from Rise Park, said her favourite part of the day was getting the chance to
take part in the sprinting race: "I like sprinting, it's my favourite. I liked doing the racing because I got to sprint a lot."

The atmosphere in the sports hall was electric as each school cheered on their fellow team-mates and many encouraged those racing with a chorus of supportive chants.

Miss Farrelly, of Robin Hood said: "Days like today give us the chance to see the athletes in them, which is something we wouldn't usually get to see at this time of year. My throat is going to be hoarse from all the cheering!"

As the event drew to a close at 12pm, Mr Smith announced the overall results and winning school. Westglade Primary appeared shocked and ecstatic when they picked up the top spot, and were followed by Rise Park and Robin Hood in joint second place.


 Y3 Athletics 2013


Health Day at TVA!

July 2013

The sunshine provided the perfect backdrop as we celebrated all things healthy with the Year 4 pupils from our family feeder primary schools. The event, which looked to teach the pupils about healthy eating, the importance of exercise and how to keep a healthy mind, involved a number of activities that were run by members of the PE department throughout
the day.

Commando Joes took charge of the field and ran a high tempo exercise session and assault course that included a gigantic bouncy castle to get the heart pumping a little faster. Away from the sun, a smoothie making session was taking place in the food department to stress the importance that fruit can play as part of a healthy diet.

Mental agility was put to the test in the Drama Studio as pupils took part in the cup challenge, whilst physical agility and balance was on display in the Dance Theatre as pupils demonstrated different attributes including speed, agility, balance and coordination.

Ethan, a Year 4 pupil from Stanstead, said: "The whole day was amazing. It taught me a lot, but the activities were also really fun. The weather was great too"

The whole day was a great success and all of the pupils left knowing more about what is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how important it is to stay as healthy as possible.

Sarah, a year 4 pupil from Robin Hood was quick to suggest ways that she could make healthier changes in her life, saying: "I am going to try and eat more fruit and exercise a little bit more. Normally I like staying inside and reading, but with the good weather I will go out and play games a bit more now"

Moving on up!

June 2013

Year 6 pupils who will be moving up to Top Valley Academy  next year attended two fantastic action packed transition days at Top Valley Academy this week, designed to integrate them into their new school. The pupils were given the chance to take in all the Academy had to offer, as they took part in two diverse timetables to really get to grips with the subjects we have on offer and the extracurricular activities and clubs available to them.

After being sorted into their tutor groups for next year, the Year 6's attended a variety of different lessons and activities including Maths, English, and PE. This was mixed in with team building and culture sessions as well as a question and answer session with the Peer Counsellors.

Throughout the two days, the pupils made new friends, talked to Top Valley Academy staff about their new school and got to experience lunch in the TVA canteen!

Jordan, a Year 6 pupil from Seely Primary School, said: "I was nervous before I came into school, because I didn't know if it would be easy to make new friends. But I met some really nice people and I feel happy."

We have pupils from over 20 different schools in the Nottingham City area coming to Top Valley Academy next year. We are proud of our status within the larger community as an excellent place for children to learn.

Luke, from Stanstead Primary School, said: "I have been up to Top Valley Academy a number of times, but now it feels more real. It was the first time I got to take part in lessons, and I know I'll have to work hard to take it all in".

Primary World Cup

June 2013

Pupils from all of our family feeder primary schools came into Top Valley Academy on the warmest day of the year so far to take part in the annual Primary World Cup.

The weather was absolutely glorious and there wasn't a cloud in sight, so the pupils involved could not wait to get outsideinto the sunshine and play football. After an impressive World Cup Opening Ceremony in the Theatre, pupils from each school taking part, Stanstead, Henry Whipple, Robin Hood, Rise Park and Westglade, were split up into different national football teams and put into two groups for the preliminary stages.

A series of group games and semi-finals were fiercely contested over the next 90 minutes, until just two teams remained. The final was a hard fought contest between Brazil (Stanstead) and Portugal (Robin Hood).

It was a close run game and both teams were evenly matched throughout. At times, it looked like nobody would find the breakthrough until Brazil managed to break the deadlock in the last 10 seconds of extra time to win the match 1-0, ensuring that the Primary World Cup trophy went back to Stanstead Primary School. Congratulations to Brazil and the pupils from Stanstead Primary School.

 World Cup 2013


 Westglade FM - June 2013

We are lucky to have some excellent computer facilities at Top Valley Academy and we
always enjoy people using the ICT facilities in school. With two full sized
rooms and a dedicated Apple Suite; it's easy to see why pupils of all ages like
to get creative on PC and Mac at TVA!

A group of Year 4 pupils at Westglade Primary School have been spending some time
with us in recent weeks working on creating podcasts with Mr Marshall for their
very own 'Westglade FM' section of their own website. The podcasts the children
have made are now online at

Mrs White, a Year 4 teacher, said:  "For me the great thing about the ICT we have done at TVA was seeing children shine at new things. Their enthusiasm was brilliant. I've also gained knowledge and skills, especially with the podcasts."

The children from Westglade were also quick to praise what they had learnt during the sessions. Year 4 pupil Ricardo, said: "I liked the sessions with Mr Marshall because I learned new things on the computer and got the chance to use an iMac for the first time".

Natasha, also in Year 4, said: "I learnt how to record my voice and it was enjoyable, especially learning how to copy and paste sounds".

There is already a great selection of Podcasts on the Westglade FM website, including
musical renditions, and performances. The Year 4 pupils have had their work added to the station. The podcasts include stories, introducing themselves, and talking about their time working at Top Valley Academy.

Westglade 06/2013

 The pupils' researching information in the Media suite at TVA for their podcasts.


Henry Whipple study Flowers and Pollen with Mr Bate

April 2013 - As we go roaring on through spring and into summer, flowers are starting to blossom and soon they will be at full bloom. We all get to see a bit more of the sun these days, and April is the perfect time to learn about the way nature works. That's why Mr Bate has been going into Henry Whipple Primary School recently, to work with a group of Year 5 children on pollination.

The children picked their own flowers from the Henry Whipple garden in preparation for the lesson. The children used microscopes to carefully study the pollen grains in plants like Daffodils, Carnations, and Hyacinths.

Rise Park Primary Practical PE at TVA

March 2013 - Year 4 pupils at Rise Park Primary School have been using the facilities at Top Valley Academy during a series of exciting PE sessions laid on by Mr. Smith over the last term. Class 4H and 4G have been taking part in activities and learning new and different techniques and some unfamiliar sports!

Everything from how to correctly warm up and properly stretch to games of Urban Hockey and Basketball have taken place

Mr Smith, who has been leading the sessions, said: "The pupils were so willing and keen to learn all about the four activities we covered - Dance Mats, Trampoline, Basketball and Urban Hockey - so it was a real highlight of my week working with them".

"The inter class competition in the last week showed how much they had taken on board over the term and the enjoyment was clear to see".

"I'd like to thank the staff for bringing them, and all of 4H and 4G for their positive attitude and hard work learning all the new skills. I look forward to seeing you all again in the future".

Well done to everybody in class 4H and 4G for your hard work and commitment over the last term. Here are some photographs of some of the sessions.

Rise Park PE 032013

Wonderful Woodwork with westglade!

Staff and pupils from Westglade Primary school have been making good use of our Engineering Centre this term, as a group of Year 6 students have been coming in to Top Valley Academy to get some expert woodwork sessions with Mr. Hallgarth.

Designing the projects from scratch, the pupils have been making wooden models of animals and learning about the different stages of production in Engineering. They have been learning the correct techniques, how to properly operate machinery and tools and how to decorate a product before completion. The initial work carving out the shapes - with the help of Mr. Hallgarth - has already started, and the pupils will continue working over the next half term to finish their models and add the finishing touches!

Elloise said: "We chose the animal we wanted to design from stencils and as soon as we are finished sanding them down, we are going to decorate them".

Maddie said: "We don't have anything like this at Westglade, so it is really exciting to be able to come into Top Valley and use all of the equipment".

Mr Hallgarth, Head of Engineering, said:  "Westglade have been engaged using all the tools and resources in the Engineering workshop to manufacture a range of products.  The pupils have been very well behaved and have made the most of this opportunity".

Here are some photographs from one of the Engineering sessions so far. Make sure to check back on to see the finished products in a few weeks time.

Westglad Primary Woodwork 0313

You can also keep up to date with all of the transitional events on Twitter @TopVAcademy.

Aye Aye captain! Year 5's become Pirates for a day of Caribbean culture!

5th February 2013

The culture of the Caribbean has been celebrated in style by the Year 5 pupils from Robin Hood, Rise Park, Stanstead, Westglade and Henry Whipple, thanks to special culture events put on by Top Valley Academy term.

The Year 5's came into the school on different days to work with members of our culture faculty and to learn more about the language, history and customs of the Caribbean. The pupils got into the spirit straight away, dressing up as pirates by wearing hats, eye patches and even carrying around inflatable pet parrots!

But it wasn't just the pupils dressing up, because the staff had complete pirate makeovers too; they even adopted a pirate themed alias for the day to really get into character!

The event was a terrific opportunity for the pupils to come into Top Valley Academy and experience the different faculties and departments we have in school. They were given the chance to work in our History, Geography, Art and Languages area and take a further look at the other facilities on site, including our state of the art dining area, and our fantastic Theatre.

Ashley, a Year 5 Robin Hood pupil who worked with Miss Castledine on fascinating pirate facts, said: "I really enjoyed the drama performances we put on for the rest of the class and finding out what sort of weapons pirates would use".

Congratulations to all of Year 5 pupils who were involved in this wonderful event, but special congratulations go to Kieran, Zach, Abbey, Tia, Marshall, Bridget, Laura, Neil and Joseph who all received a special award (they got to keep their pet Parrott!) for outstanding work on the day.

It's been hard editing these photographs down to just a few, but here are some highlights from the day!

Thank you to all of the staff and pupils from our family feeder primary schools for visiting Top Valley Academy and making the culture days so much fun. We hope to welcome you back soon!

Culture Day Y5 Jan 2013

Stanstead Year 3 pupils find out about fantastic Fossils with Mr. Bate!

10th January 2013

It's not every day you get to handle fossils of some of the most ancient species to roam the planet.

But the year 3 pupils from Stanstead Primary school had the opportunity to do just that, when they came in this week to work in our Science department and learn about fossils with Mr Bate.

After learning about how fossils were formed over the course of millions of years, the children were given the opportunity get hands on with some of the objects themselves.

It wouldn't be science without a bit of practical experimentation, so the children were tasked with trying to make their own fossils using Plasticine and Seashells in an effort to try and recreate some of the examples they had seen.

Y3 Fossils 10/1/2013
Young Artists at work - Robin Hood Primary School
1st November 2012
Top Valley Academy Art Department are currently working with year 4 pupils at Robin Hood Primary School.
Robin Hood school have been working with there link schools in Rwanda and the Art department has decided to link the African Art theme in with the work that is produced on our visits to Robin Hood School.
The pupils have been learning about pattern and colour and how Art work can relate to an African Art theme. The pupils have also learnt about different skill techniques including wax resist.
Here is some of their wonderful work:
Robin Hood Primary - Art Nov 2012

CSI Top Valley : The Mysterious Death  Of Charlotte Dymond

Rise Park Primary School Pupils Investigate

The Top Valley Dance Theatre was turned into a crime scene on Tuesday 31st October, as Year 5 pupils from Rise Park  Primary and Nursery School were asked to solve a murder mystery based on the poem, "The Murder of Charlotte Dymond".

Pupils took the roles of forensic scientists, reporters and detectives. They had to collect clues, solve problems and conduct experiments to determine who was guilty!

      SAM_0223  Rise Park 01

Here's what Rise Park staff and pupils said about their day:

"It was a hugely enjoyable experience. A very good literacy based activity encompassing poetry and role play."       Mr Shadbolt - Year 5 Teacher

"Today was a great challenge for the Year 5 children. They really enjoyed it. It was educational in a fun and imaginative way."     Ms Nicholson - Year 5 Teacher

"I was a police officer who had to crack codes to find out information about the victim. It was really fun."      Aimee - Year 5 pupil.

"We watched a short video about the suspect and we had to create a report."    Reshaun - Year 5 pupil

"I really enjoyed the drama and the detective work."    Monet - Year 5 pupil.

"I was a forensic scientist and I had to match samples of evidence and do tests on them. I really enjoyed it because it was fun doing the chemistry work in the labs."    Ewuraeena -  Year 5 pupil.

 Rise Park 02  Rise Park 03

               Rise Park 04

   Rise Park 05  Rise Park 06

              Rise Park 07  Rise Park 09

                    Rise Park 08

                     Rise Park 10

                 Rise Park 11


Westglade Primary School Teachers attend Science INSET

31st October 2012

The TVA Science department invited teachers from Westglade Primary School to the Top Valley Science labs for a special Science INSET session on Wednesday 31st October. The aim was to showcase resources, share Science teaching strategies and practical ideas for use in the classroom at KS1 and KS2.

Our primary colleagues took part in some practical activities involving Bunsen burners and conducted experiments connected with air pressure.

Westglade Science InsetWestglade Inset Oct 12 4

TVA Science teacher, Jonathan Bate, who co-ordinated the session said:

'Tonight was a great opportunity for the Westglade staff to come and meet our Science team and look to see what resources they could utilise for their pupils in the future. The practical nature of the INSET session made the after school event very enjoyable. We hope that the Westglade staff went away with some fresh ideas about how they can use additional secondary school resources in their classrooms as well as some additional knowledge of the theory behind the Science'.

Westglade Science Inset Westglade Inset Oct 12 5

Westglade Primary School - Dragon's Den Project

8th October 2012

Top Valley Academy is working with Westglade Primary school to deliver their exciting learning challenge of 'could you survive the Dragon's Den?' 

This is essentially a design/technology based project. Westglade pupils carried out market research to identify a product and then using the state of the art facilities and expertise at Top Valley Academy have designed and created a prototype of their product using CAD/CAM and 3D laser cutters.

"This project gives the children the opportunity to be entrepreneurs and make business-like decisions; just like in the real world"  Miss Barrett - Deputy Head Teacher, Westglade Primary School.

Dragon 's Den - Westglade Primary Oct 2012

Now the prototype is made, Westglade's young entrepreneurs have the unenviable task to persuade the 'Dragon' to invest money in their product. They will then work withTop Valley Academy's ICT specialists to create marketing materials including podcasting, websites and flyers to promote their product to the wider community whilst the product itself goes in to production.

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