Jul 26 2016 - #techmums

#techmums Graduation - Well Done everyone!

Top Valley Techmums graduation at Nottingham University with Professor Black.



Top Valley Academy, Dr Sue Black and Nottingham University are looking at delivering #techmums at Top Valley Academy.

What is #techmums?

The #techmums program is all about transforming lives through digital enlightenment.

We build confidence and technology skills whilst transitioning our mums to employment, education and entrepreneurship.

The #techmums program focuses on: your office in the cloud, app design, web design, social media, online security and coding in Python and is accredited by The Tech Partnership. 

Who founded #techmums?

#techmums was set up by Dr Sue Black who 25 years ago was a single parent with three children living on a council estate in Brixton, London. Sue brought her family out of poverty by going back into education, obtained a degree and PhD in computing and is now one of the UK's top ten women in tech. Sue wants to offer millions of mums the opportunity to improve their families' circumstances through #techmums. 

Why Mums? 

#techmums is all about making as big an impact as possible. Our program benefits not just mums but the whole family + creates female tech role models. The determining factor in a child's success at school is the mother's education: we want to create tech savvy mums and families so that we have the greatest and fastest impact. Brunel University measured our mums' confidence levels during our pilot, and found that it rockets during the program 

Where is #techmums running?

#techmums is currently running in schools and colleges in Tower Hamlets, London and Tallaght, Dublin - two areas of great social deprivation. The average life expectancy for a woman living in Tower Hamlets is just 54, and 42% of children live in poverty. Tower Hamlets and Tallaght are just the start. Our plan is to take #techmums global in 2016.


"My dream is to empower one million women worldwide by getting them excited about technology"


Dr Sue Black



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