Top Valley Academy Rebuild

The re-building of Top Valley Academy began over the October half term 2015 with the building of the access road and site compound. Carillion's aim is to build a high quality, cost-effective, school with the minimum possible disruption to children's learning. For this reason the project is phased so that construction and demolition are co-ordinated over the building period.

We apologise to local residents for any disruption or inconvenience during the building of our new school.

Time Line 2015 - 2016

Work begins week commencing 26 October 2015

Site compound and access road from Top Valley Drive

Initial demolition of small Drama Studio from 6 - 19 January 2016

New Sports Hall construction begins November 2015

Sports Hall completed by June 2016

Demolition of old Sports Hall and Drama Studio - Summer Holidays (July/August 2016)

View the recent infomation sent to Parents and Residents below. 


Subject to final Planning Approval, a start to the re-building of Top Valley Academy is just four months away,  with Carillion Equitix set to begin on site as soon as August 2015.

Five years on from the cancellation of the previous building programme, a complete rebuild of the current school buildings is now a reality.

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Peter Brown, Ex Top Valley Academy Principal said,"After a long struggle, our students will finally get what they deserve: a building fit for purpose with modern resources and facilities. It puts a smile on all our faces!"

The new building will hold 900 students to accommodate the current rapid growth in school numbers.

Malcolm Cowgill, Principal of Central College, Nottingham, Top Valley Academy's sponsor, was also delighted.

"This is tremendous news. Top Valley is already a great school for its students and its community: this investment is the icing on the cake. At Central Academy Trust we are delighted that the students, staff and parents & carers of Top Valley will have a building to match the huge ambition of the Academy and to accommodate the growth in numbers that we know is coming as the academy goes from strength to strength."

A very detailed Construction Programme has now been presented to the academy outlining the timeline for the building of the new school, starting with the new Sports Hall and Dance Studio.

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The new main building will then be constructed with the final demolition of the old buildings to follow once students have moved into the new school.

The building will ready in September 2017.

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Nottingham Evening Post New Build Article - February 2015

PLANS for a new £18 million school will finally be put forward today after a five year wait to get work started.

Top Valley Academy is submitting an application to Nottingham City Council to demolish the existing school and replace it with a new one funded by the Government.

It is one of 16 schools across the county getting cash from the Priority Schools Building Programme to replace crumbling classrooms.

The academy's head teacher, Peter Brown, said: "This has been a long time coming because our original programme got cancelled in 2010 when the new government came in.


Feb 2015 Eve Post New Build

Read the full story here:   14/2/2015    Nottingham Evening Post Article (this link takes you to an external website)

Nottingham Evening Post - New Build Article - February 2015

Top Valley Academy was one of dozens of schools that missed out on the first programme and has had to wait more than five years to get its project off the ground again - with a new plan being submitted today.

Head teacher Peter Brown said: "Since then we have been focusing on the value and culture of our school because it is not always about the bricks it is made out of.

"We have many strengths and a brand new building will complement them and make us even better.

"The new school will be built at the side of the one we have now and once it is finished the old one will be demolished.

"It will be a more cohesive building which will be slightly smaller but with more open spaces.

"We will be able to take 900 students, which we are approaching now as we have more than 700 with us."

The school dates back to the 1970s has not changed much in the last few decades.

The new building will cost roughly £18 million.

The academy's estates manager Joe Jackson said: "I left the school in 1995 and came back in 2002 and a lot of it is exactly the same.

"From my point of view the new school will be a lot easier to manage because everyday something needs fixing and that costs money.

"The new build has been a long time coming and I am looking forward to seeing it."

Read the full story here:  9/2/2015    Nottingham Evening Post Article (this link takes you to an external website)

 Rebuild - Feb 2015


Top Valley Academy  -  New School Build Announcement

As everyone is aware we are to have a brand new school in the near future. I am delighted that we have been informed by the Education Funding Agency that the company that has been appointed Selected Bidder is Carillion Equitix. Having built Terminal 5 at Heathrow and the new Birmingham Library,  they clearly have a great deal of experience and the expertise to deliver a new building of which our community can be rightly proud and an amazing new facility for our students.
Official consultation regarding planning is likely to be held in early Spring. We are hoping that we will move in to the new school in the Summer of 2017.
Peter Brown (Principal)
Top Valley Academy Rebuild

We are delighted to announce that Top Valley Academy is to get a complete rebuild following its successful bid through the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP), which has secured in the region of £10 million.  The rebuild has a provisional timescale of September 2017, with the initial planning stage commencing shortly.

TVA have proven that education is "not about the buildings", good buildings don't necessarily make a good school, but we are delighted that this latest news caps off what has already been an extraordinary year for Top Valley following a successful transition to an Academy, record GCSE results and confirmation as the 4th highest performing school in Nottingham.  TVA is a school of choice for parents.

Updates and latest developments will be available on the Top Valley Academy website as they happen.

More information can be found on the DfE Website here

The baseline designs for the new buildings can be found here

Baseline Design

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