Basic Student Expectations 2016


Attendance & Punctuality (8.40am School Bell)

These are vital to your success and a legal requirement.  The attendance target for all students is 95%.  The school bell will ring at 8:40am to inform students they need to be on the school site by then. The school day will start at 8:45am.


It is part of our identity and an essential expectation of all students.  It is non negotiable. Shirts MUST be tucked in, blazers MUST be worn.  School shoes MUST be as stated in the policy. (Please view the uniform and equipment policy for further information).


The law is very clear on schools' powers to use detentions and all students must serve detentions in accordance with our Behaviour Policy.  Where they fail to do so, they risk fixed term exclusion. 

Carbonated Drinks & Aerosols

Please be reminded that carbonated drinks and all aerosols are banned items and are not permitted on the site.  Where found, items will be disposed of and students subject to search. (Please view the behaviour policy for a full list of banned items).


Following the successful implementation of our new queuing system for student entry into the canteen for lunch towards the end of the last academic year, your son/daughter will continue to queue in designated year group lines.

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