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Mobile phones

You will remember that when I wrote to you in June I made you aware of my concerns regarding an instant messenger application (app) for mobile phones called Kik.  This raised the subject of mobile technology and its place in school given the related issues mobile phones clearly create for students.  This is in addition to the financial strain these devices can place on you as parents due to peer pressure, as well as other associated problems re bullying and harassment.  I said in June that I would be coming back to you to seek your opinions on the appropriateness of allowing mobile phones in school as we cannot 'police' these risks effectively on your behalf.  I am increasingly aware from you as parents that you are keen to see me take assertive action and I myself believe that phones are becoming more problematic.  Therefore, we need to work together to address this problem before it grows any further.  Please complete the survey below so that I am fully informed of your views.  As your Headteacher, I am more than prepared to enforce a full ban in support of you if that is what the consultation concludes.

Please complete the survey below by Friday 30th September at 3pm.

Mobile Phone and associated technology parent survey

  • I support a full ban on mobile phones and associated technology from the Academy site.


  • I support students bringing mobile phones and associated technology onto the Academy site and agree that it must be turned off on arrival to school and cannot be seen at any time during the school day including breaks and lunchtime.  If found, the mobile phone and associated technology will be confiscated and parents only must collect.  If lost or damaged for any reason, parents will take full responsibility.

As a parent partner, please comment in the section provided should you wish to express additional views in relation to this matter.

Note: Mobile Phones and associated technology include camera phones, mp3 players, head phones, speakers and any other electronic device.

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