Reporting Students' Progress to Parents

Reporting Student Progress to Parents

At Top Valley Academy over the course of an academic year, there are three data collections to track student progress (four data collections in Year 11).   After each data collection, parents will be sent a letter informing them whether or not their child is on course to meet their target grades and their child's attendance against the Academy's minimum expected attendance of 95%.  Subject targets are based on the grades students are expected to achieve at the end of Year 11 and set against prior attainment.  The letter will show parents whether or not their child is making good progress towards their target grades.  Progress will be colour coded to indicate students' progress:

  1. Working above target grade - Blue
  2. On track to meet target grade - Green
  3. Working below the target grade (a cause for concern) - Yellow

At KS3 progress will be banded to indicate a student's performance against their GCSE target in each subject. Banding provides an indication of the trajectory based on their current performance e.g. GCSE grade 8-9, GCSE grade 6-7 etc. at the end of Year 11.

Current Band



On-track to achieve GCSE grades 8 - 9 at the end of Year 11 


On-track to achieve GCSE grades 6 - 7 at the end of Year 11 


On-track to achieve GCSE grades 4 - 5 at the end of Year 11 


On-track to achieve GCSE grades 2 - 3 at the end of Year 11 


On-track to achieve GCSE grades B - 1 at the end of Year 11 

At KS4 banding is replaced by a single grade predication to indicate if students are on track to achieve their target grade for each subject at the end of Year 11. The reports are colour coded to show a student's progress.Information to help parents understand their child's progress data is included with the letter.

Once a year for each year group there will be a Parents' Evening where parents will be given the opportunity to discuss their child's progress. The evening provides parents with the chance to ask in person any questions they may have.  Parent evening appointments are made on line and parents are notified when the booking system is opened.  The dates of the Parents' Evenings are:

Year 7              Wednesday 30 November 2016
Year 8              Wednesday 22 March 2017
Year 9              Wednesday 22 February 2017
Year 10            Wednesday 8 March 2017
Year 11            Wednesday 4 January 2017             

Teachers are always happy to discuss students' progress; parents who would like more information about this should contact the Academy and ask to speak to the relevant subject teacher or the Head of Year.

Student reports to parents are also provided at key points in a student's time at the Academy as follows:

  • Year 7    - at the end of Y7 to summarise a student's first year of education in the Academy.
  • Year 9    - prior to the Options process.
  • Year 11 - to inform Post 16 applications. 


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