Understanding Your Child's Performance Data

Understanding Your Child's Performance Data

At Top Valley Academy we have introduced data collection points throughout the year (DCs) so that we can closely monitor the levels of progress being made by all students in all subjects.

The data collected and reported is a forecast grade. A forecast grade is the grade a subject teacher believes a student will achieve at the end of Year 11. This forecast grade is based upon a range of different pieces of evidence and allows your child's progress to be tracked closely across time e.g. assessments, homework, project work, contribution in lesson, practical work or a performance. Our academic tracking system (SIMS/SISRA) provides teaching staff with a strategic tool for identifying students who are underachieving and allows action to be taken where progress is felt to be an issue.

Progress Example Key Stage 4

Progress Example KS4

  • Currently GCSEs are graded from G to A* or 1-9 and each grade is equivalent to one level. The old system of National Curriculum Levels has been abolished by the Government and in response the Academy now tracks all students against their GCSE target for the end of Year 11.English - Blue indicates that this student is expected to achieve (6) above their target grade (5) by one grade.
  • Maths - Yellow indicates that this student is expected to achieve (5) one level below their target grade (6) and may be a cause for concern.
  • Science - Red indicates that this student is more than two levels (D) below their target grade (B) and is a cause for concern.
  • Computing - Green indicates that this student is expected to achieve (B) their target grade (B)

GCSE Grade Chart

GCSEs are moving to use a new numerical system which will apply to all subjects by 2018.  Up until then GCSEs will have a mixture of both old and new systems.  A grade C GCSE is roughly equivalent to a grade 4 in the new system and the comparison table is shown below.

From Key Stage 2 to the end of Key Stage 4 an absolute minimum of 3+ levels of progress is expected. More able students would be expected to achieve 4+ levels of progress.  A grade change represents a level e.g. B to C, D to C, 5 to 6, 8 to 9 etc.



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