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How We Support our Staff at Top Valley Academy

At Top Valley Academy, we pride ourselves on the support our staff receive regarding their own professional development.

Transform is a teaching school alliance consisting of 23 member schools and other strategic partners to foster excellence.The Academy works closely with it's Transform partners to develop effective strategies to improve learning outcomes. It uses it's Partner schools to set up peer review opportunities. Most recently it has been using the expertise of the Transform Coaching Programme to develop and evolve it's own unique coaching strategy.

TVA staff have accessed a range of Transform CPD training such as the Improving Teacher Programme, the Outstanding Teacher Programme and this year  NQTs  will access 6 days of training thought their NQT Programme.

Throughout the year, there are 12 Whole School Twilight Training sessions which are focussed on the priorities and needs of both the academy, staff and the pupils we teach. These sessions are delivered using both the expertise of our own staff and proven outside providers such as Creative Education, Osiris, Hywel Roberts, Art of Happiness, and Nottingham City Council Education Services.


Departments and staff have also engaged in a coaching programme. In phase one, staff identified individual needs and strengths and were paired in coaching partnerships. In phase two the academy is working with Transform to create a bespoke coaching programme to be delivered within teams. Coaching allows a focus on learning from experience, reflection and review. This programme will include the training of some staff to become specialist coaches. Coaching meetings and observations form part of our directed meeting time.


All staff are encouraged to identify their own individual professional needs and apply to attend any external training that will result in an improvement of teaching and learning. Several staff are also working towards their Masters or NPQSL.

The Academy works closely with its alliance partners and there are regular collaborations over the academic year such as the Outstanding Teachers Meeting, Teachmeet (Where each department has 2 minutes to present a strategy on a chosen focus and all academies are invited), subject specialist Moderation and Marking meetings etc.

Our Newly Qualified teachers meet weekly with subject specific mentors to review their progress and are enrolled on the Transform NQT Training Programme. All trainee teachers follow their own tailored CPD programme delivered every week by a wide range of Academy staff and have lunch once a week with their school mentor.

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