SID Programme

The Academy promotes fundemental British values of belief in democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of people of other faiths and beliefs.


As part of their PSHE programme, TVA students work together to produce presentations of their understanding of the importance of SID.

SID stands for Safety,IdentityandDifferenceand represents what we believe in at Top Valley Academy; safety - all of us standing up to ensure each other's safety; identity - who we are when we come together; and difference - celebrating our diversity.

Each year group focuses on each element of SID and learns how putting these elements into practise can lead to success and better understanding. Tutor groups work as a team to produce a presentation to showcase the work completed and the group's understanding and interpretation of the three SID elements.

In Year 7 students consider the element of 'safety:' what makes students safe and how they can contribute to making Top Valley Academy as safe as possible.  Presentations have included a focus on bullying, road safety and internet safety. 

Year 8 students focus on 'identity', looking at both national and individual identity as well as the identities of their fellow students.  To complement work done in Citizenship and PSHE, students consider what it means to be British and how we all share a common identity as members of Top Valley Academy, as well as the other elements that make up our individuality.

The third element, 'difference', is focused on by Year 9 students who study individual differences within their peers. Students learn about the protected characteristics under the Equality Act, how to celebrate diversity and the importance of stopping discrimination. 

Last year, students in Year 9 designed a badge to celebrate difference, this has been made into a real badge and is to be presented to all students in the year group.

 Y8 Sid 2013


8A discussed identity by looking at the Academy within the community, something which has been positively recognised by many of our local residents:

"The students at Top Valley Academy show respect in the local community and are a good example of how young people can behave responsibly and maturely". - Local resident in Tesco, 2013.

"I have never experienced any negative behaviour with Top Valley Academy students. They are always welcome in my shop". - Local shopkeeper, Rise Park.

Presentations were viewed by Head of Academy, Mr Kelly, and Miss Vanterpool, Head of Support Services. Students were all rewarded for their success and hard work in an awards assembly.

Miss Vanterpool praised those involved and said she was pleased to see how well the groups had understood the key messages:

 "It is clear to see that they value each other and there was a good atmosphere amongst
each group involved."

Here are some examples of the poems and anthems that were presented by our students:


Tutor 8A's anthem

We are the students of TVA, we come to school to learn and play!

Teachers encourage us to do our best,

The academy will help us beat the rest!

Our school is old but uniform new,

We look the part in grey and blue!

The school improves year on year,

New students come from far and near!

ALL students come here to be seen,

This is your chance to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM!



Identity Poem by 8T Tutor group

I am my own person, independent and free,

I have my own individual identity,

I make up part of my tutor group,

Known locally as 8T!

We are a happy, fun and loyal group,

Our uniform is black and grey,

It makes up part of our identity,

At our academy, TVA!


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